Management, Operation And Maintenance Of Weighbridge Stations


Ebenezer Commercial Works Limited specializes in the management, operation and maintenance of weighbridge infrastructure and stations. The efficient and effective control of overloading on roads requires the adoption of a harmonized approach to a variety of factors related to the operation and management of weighbridges. These factors include:

  • Management of weighbridges;
  • Weighbridge operations
  • Personnel involved in overload control operations; and
  • Weighbridge verification and calibration.

Keeping your Weighbridge maintained and clean contributes to a preventative maintenance plan and can significantly reduce the risk of equipment downtime and inaccurate weighing.

Basic Routine Maintenance

Depending on the type of site, we conduct weighbridge maintenance as part of a daily/weekly routine. We monitor the build-up of debris, water and remove obstructions from beneath the bridge to provide clearance between the weighbridge and the ground.

Specialized Weighbridge Cleaning

Over time, the build-up of mud and debris can have a negative impact on a weighbridge’s performance. Compacted mud can set hard and reduce the movement of the weighbridge. This in turn causes reduced accuracy in weighing. Ebenezer Commercial Works technicians undertake professional weighbridge cleaning to ensure the longevity and weighing accuracy.