Road Maintenance, Rehabilitation & Construction.

Road Maintenance, Rehabilitation & Construction. – Ebenezer Construction Works (1)
Roads are exposed to heavy loads that leave them susceptible to damage. The combined effects of traffic loading and the environment will cause infrastructure, no matter how well-designed/constructed to deteriorate over time. Ebenezer Commercial Works specializes in the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing roads and construction of new roads. While we focus on major national and provincial arterial roads and urban highways, our expertise extends to the development of urban infrastructure, as well as selected industrial projects.

Structural maintenance, repair and rehabilitation

Some roads will need minor repairs while some will be in need of a general overhaul. But no two damage patterns are alike. Our technical experts advise on the most suitable rehabilitation solution for different roads. We assess the following:
Which rehabilitation methods offer a cure for distressed roads?
What are the differences between them?
Which are suitable to be carried out as mobile roadworks e.g. pot hole sealing?


We carry out maintenance to help slow the rate of deterioration by identifying and addressing specific deficiencies that contribute to overall infrastructure deterioration. The following are the actions we take as part of maintenance of roads, pavements and landscaping:
crack sealing,
joint sealing,
pothole sealing and patching


Rehabilitation is the act of repairing portions of an existing pavement or road to reset the deterioration process. Reconstructing an entire pavement or road, however, is not considered rehabilitation but rather new construction because the methods used are generally those developed for new pavement construction.